HMI DOP-103WQ 4.3" 65000 color



  • 4.3”(480*272) 65,536 Colors TFT
  • Cortex-A8 800MHz CPU
  • 512 MB RAM 256 MB ROM
  • Built-in Ethernet
  • 1 COM port / 1 extension COM port
  • Multilingual input
  • USB Hos , USB Client
  • CE / UL certified
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C

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Powerful HMI New series W

  • Not just Delta industrial automation products, but more than 30 brands, and over 100 models of PLCs or controllers can be connected for effortless communication and versatile operation.
  • Three serial communication interfaces (RS-232/RS-422/RS-485), USB disk, Ethernet, audio output, SD card and more are supported for various applications.
  • All models are equipped with LED backlights which provide energy-efficient lighting that is made without mercury, reduces energy use and CO2 emissions, and protects the environment.
  • A full 65,536-color display is available on all models. With a whole new 2D drawing technique, the screen resolution is enhanced for more realistic images and for more colorful and vivid displays.
  • In case of errors, an alarm alerts users via an audio message in real time.
  • Exploiting the convenience of an SD card or USB disk, screen data transfer and collection can be quickly performed and the storage capacities of the HMI can be easily increased. No need to worry about data capacity of excessive history and recipe data
  • SD card and USB disk are in FAT32 format, fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and allow filenames that exceed eight characters in length
  • Multiple project screen data can be saved in SD card / USB disk simultaneously and transferred to HMI.
  • No need to connect to a PC: the data saved in an SD card / USB disk can be encrypted and the number of copies can be limited to protect the programs from unauthorized use
  • Up to 32 languages are available. No need to redesign the screen data! A benefit for marketing the equipment to manufacturers and end users around the world.
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DIsplay HMI Delta seria 100

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